RMS Issue N° 03 - 2024

    RMS 3/2024

      • 150E GUISAN
      • VALAIS
    • Swiss Military Review
    • 6 May 2024
    • 64 pages
    "Guisan: 150 years" and "General Henri Guisan, the man who saved Switzerland" are just some of the articles that round off this issue. The issue opens with the USMC (United States Marine Corps) and devotes a large part of its pages to the war in the Middle East. You can buy every issue of the RMS in digital format here, but it is also possible to order a physical copy of the magazine online. Subscribe to receive future printed editions.


    The strategy of shocking imagery in the war in the Middle East

    The impact of images on public opinion should not be underestimated. Doctor Michel Klen has written two articles in this issue 3/2024. One on hostage-taking in the war in the Middle East, the other on images at the centre of information, which "are precious assets in the battle of communication". To find out more about the "infowar", the RMS offers you this article as a free read.

    An explosive duo at the helm of Senegal: national revolution or reorientation in West Africa?

    In view of current international events, the RMS brings you a previously unpublished article by Jean-Baptiste Bless.

    RMS Issue N° 02 - 2024

    RMS 2/2024

      • GENEVA - NITON 23
    • Swiss Military Review
    • 11 March 2024
    • 64 pages
    In this issue 02 - 2024, the RMS provides detailed coverage of Afghanistan, with articles on the geopolitics of the country and "Forty years of a murderous history". The issue also looks at security policy, with the article "Neutrality or NATO, how much cooperation does Switzerland need?", armoured and mechanised vehicles, and NITON 23, the commitment to the second Global Refugee Forum. This issue can be purchased here in digital format or to receive future printed editionas, see our Subscriptions.